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Medway Youth Orchestra & Medway Youth Choir
Launch Concert 6 December 2015

The Medway Youth Orchestra and Medway Youth Choir, formed in April and July of 2015, came together to perform a wonderful launch concert held at the Royal Dockyard Church, Chatham on Sunday 6 December 2015.


Conducted by Alan Vincent, the choir and orchestra gave stunning performances of a very diverse and challenging concert programme, with music ranging from famous classics to lesser known early works and music composed by the conductor himself.


The concert was well attended with a very appreciative audience including highly regarded guests such as The Mayor of Medway and Councillor Mike O’Brien, lead portfolio holder for Children’s Services at Medway Council.


Also attending were twenty children from St. Margaret’s Music Centre who had been given the opportunity to attend the concert to be inspired by some of the most talented musicians in Medway. We hope they felt motivated to carry on learning their musical instruments and one day be a part of these ensembles too!


Launched by Medway Music Association and Dynamics, these two Medway ensembles were formed following the successful workshop with the world-renowned ensemble, The Sixteen. With the continued support and guidance from these professional musicians, our own Medway Tutors and our conductor Alan Vincent, our young musicians have made fantastic progress throughout the year.


We look forward to this partnership continuing and developing, and for another exciting year to come for Medway Youth Orchestra and Medway Youth Choir in 2016.

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