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Online Music Centre

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Introducing our Online Music Centre

While we cannot play or sing together in person, we at MMA are striving to keep music going through these difficult times. We therefore have set up our very own Online Music Centre which we run on Zoom for children aged

7 – 18yrs who play an instrument or love to sing.

Our Online Music Centre is made up of a variety of sessions which cater for all abilities. These sessions are led by Medway Licensed Music Teachers in a relaxed, inclusive and fun way.

Full descriptions of the individual sessions available can be found below. Please note, where grades are specified this is a suggested standard for that group. You do not need to have taken the exam.





Instrumental Ensemble Sessions – Looking at different musical genres with opportunities for listening, composing and performing.

Instrumental Ensemble : Group 1  - Beginners to Grade 1
Instrumental Ensemble : Group 2 - Grade 2 to Grade 4
Instrumental Ensemble : Group 3 - Grade 5 and above

Music Technology – This session will offer you the chance to work with an online Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). You will learn how to create music electronically and learn production techniques such as looping,
automation, sampling as well as creating music for specific purposes.

E.g. music for adverts, films etc. 

You will need a laptop or desktop computer for this session. You will also need to use Chrome as your web browser.

Choir – A chance to have a good sing along to a wide variety of songs.


Theory – Improve your music theory knowledge.

Theory : Group 1  - Grade 1 to Grade 3

Theory : Group 2 - Grade 4 and above

Have a Bash – A chance to play your instrument and 'have a bash' through something different each week.

There will be no pressure to rehearse, record or perform these. We'll cover lots of different styles and even try to include pieces you would like to learn and how to go about doing that, sometimes without even having written music in front of you.

Have a Bash : Group 1  - Grade 1 to Grade 3 

Have a Bash : Group 2 - Grade 4 and above 

Fifes – For members of MMA's Music Centre Fife group or anybody who has Fife playing experience. 


Whilst we encourage the children to have their videos on through the sessions we do not want to discourage any children who may not feel so comfortable in doing that.


To understand how these sessions are run and to answer any last minute questions we will hold a 30 minute meet and greet online session for children and parents/carers.

Have a look at our video below of a little selection of some of our previous Online Sessions.











Our timetable, term dates and sign up sheets can be found on this page.  

If we can help with any queries please contact us at:

Entry Requirements

The Music Centre is open to all children and young people in Medway

aged 7 - 18. We ask that parents of any interested students aged younger than 7 contact us for advice in advance of application.


" A massive thank you from the Gee family, you’ve been amazing. You are so dedicated and your enthusiasm for music is infectious. You’ve been a shiny light in a dismal year. "

Term dates

Term 5

Saturday 24th April

Saturday 1st May

Saturday 8th May 

Saturday 15th May

Saturday 22nd May 


Term 6

Saturday 12th June

Saturday 19th June

Saturday 26th June

Saturday 3rd July

Saturday 10th July


Click the button below to download the latest Online Music Centre timetable.

Sign up

To get involved please complete and return the Registration Form and Online Safety Consent Form linked below.


Contact us

If we can help with any queries please contact us at:


" The staff cater for all levels of talent and have varying classes to suit.

My children love attending and seeing their musical friends every week. "

What the members say:
" There is never any pressure, just a relaxed fun morning where we attend the sessions we want."

" Keener students can make some amazing progress which is also utilised for school music lessons, so a bonus!"

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