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Online Easter Music Festival 2021

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We are very excited to announce our Free Online Easter Music Festival which will run from Monday 5th April to Friday 9th of April 2021. Each day will consist of a variety of live sessions which will be run via Zoom and are targeted at children and young adults aged 7 to 18 who enjoy musical activities, play an instrument or love to sing. 


Please see our timetable for the full schedule for each day. Please note that there is no limit on the number of sessions you can attend. The more the merrier we say!


Please note, where grades are specified this is a suggested standard for that group. You do not need to have taken the exam.


Below we have given brief explanations of what each session will contain.


Musical Games / General Musicianship – Come along and have fun with our Guest Tutor for the week, Patrick Barrett.


Musical Games : Beginner to Grade 1 standard

Musical Games : Grade 2 to Grade 4 standard

General Musicianship : Grade 5 and above standard


Music Technology

This session will offer you the chance to work with an online Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). You will learn how to create music electronically and learn production techniques such as looping, automation, sampling as well as creating music for specific purposes. E.g. music for adverts, films etc. 

You will need a laptop or desktop computer for this session. You will also need to use Chrome as your web browser.


Music Tech - Beginners

No need to have any understanding of music tech or music in general, everything is explained from the very start. 


Music Tech – Intermediate

  • You will require some understanding of DAW’s and how they work. 

  • A basic knowledge of loops and sequencers is required.

  • Basic understanding of mixing and balancing including panning.

  • Some knowledge of automation is an advantage but not essential.


Music Tech - Advanced

  • Essential in-depth knowledge of DAW’s required. 

  • Essential understanding of using automation as well as multiple effects and the ability to import and sample your own sounds.

  • Ability to input data using piano roll or playing in live using a MIDI keyboard.

  • Knowledge of setting up and using a mic to record live audio and importing it into a project.



Body Percussion Session - Let’s play some rhythm grooves using body percussion and common household objects, putting them together with fun and famous music. Anyone can join this group.

Choir – Come and sing songs from Disney and musicals.  Silly games and action songs included.  Anyone can join this group.



Improve your music theory knowledge.

Theory : Beginners

Theory : Grade 1 to Grade 3 standard

Theory : Grade 4 standard and above


Have a Bash

A chance to play your instrument and 'have a bash' through some fun music. No preparation needed. 

Have a Bash : Grade 1 to Grade 3 standard

Have a Bash : Grade 4 standard and above


To get involved

Please complete and return our Online Easter Music Festival Registration Form and Online Safety Consent Form located on this page.


Deadline to register - Thursday 1st April 2021 .


If you have any questions please email us at:


Monday 5th April 2021


Friday 9th April 2021


" I wanted to say a big thank you to you and the rest of the MMA team for putting on the Easter music festival. My son really enjoyed himself and got a lot out of it, the course was really well organised and offered a wide variety of musical education in a fun and accessible way. The flexibility to join the different workshops was great, all the teachers were full of enthusiasm and were incredibly welcoming to newcomers."

Contact us

If you have any queries please contact us at:


Click the button below to download the festival timetable

Sign up

To get involved please complete and return the Registration Form and Online Safety Consent Form linked below.

Deadline to register - Thursday 1st April 2021

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