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2013 -14

'Musical Youth Trumpet Talent'

Dynamics - The Medway Music Education Hub - teaches more than 12,000 primary school pupils each week.

'Talented Tubas and Fabulous Flutes - Medway Youth have the X-factor' 

From flute, cello and trumpet to the lesser-known fife, children across Medway are unveiling their musical talents as part of a new initiative.

'Week of Music Raises the Roof' 

Children from schools across Medway perform in the 70th anniversary of Medway Music Association at its annual March Festival. 

'Pupils Raise the Roof'

Children from across Medway descended on Rochester Cathedral for a series of Carol Concerts.

'Sweet Singing of the Choir fills the Cathedral'

Children from 30 of Medway's Primary Schools sang out loud and clear in Rochester Cathedral. 

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