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Medway's 3 Year Music Education Plan

1. Extending current provision of specialist music support to KS1 staff and pupils to provide entitlement provision to those attending Primary and Infant Schools across Medway


 2. Raising the profile of music education and performance across Medway, improving channels of communication, avoiding duplication and maximising the impact of available resources


3. Enhancing opportunities for the development of ensembles, performance and participation within schools, consortia, across and beyond Medway and National Level

4. Maximising the benefit of existing partnerships and building new partnerships which meet the needs within Medway, continually reassessing music provision to build on the strengths and address areas for further development

5. Listening to and meeting the needs of young people and families


6.  Building on existing Medway-wide performance ensembles, such as Medway Schools Wind Band, Medway Schools Training Wind Band, Medway Junior Youth Orchestra, Medway Intermediate Youth Orchestra, Medway Youth Recorder Consort, Medway Youth Percussion Ensemble and the recently launched Medway Youth Orchestra and Medway Youth Choir, to enhance progression routes, celebrate achievement, inspire young musicians and raise the profile of music education


7. Supporting the provision of a range of high quality CPD


8. Developing the Medway Licensed Music Teacher Scheme


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