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Brook Theatre Celebration Week

In June, we hold the Brook Theatre Celebration Week in which pupils who have participated in Medway’s Wider Opportunities Programme are able to enjoy our ensemble workshop days.


Players from Medway Schools and Academies take part in workshops as a culmination of instrumental teaching that has been delivered by Dynamics to all Key Stage 2 schools in Medway. Each day has a different focus to represent the wide variety of music that is being taught in our schools with sessions for musicans who play strings, percussion, woodwind and brass. 


The workshops during the day lead to a performance to parents and friends to share and celebrate the fantastic progress all involved have made over the year. 


'Brook Theatre taken over by Medway's Young Musicians'

Over 400 pupils from across Medway participated in Medway Music Association’s week of workshop and performance at The Brook Theatre. 

Dates for your Diary:


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